audio_oo : a VST3 plugin for remote audio jamming

audio_oo is a PureData vst3 plugin made with Camomile (Pierre Guillot) + AoO (Christof Ressi) + self-contained puredata distribution.




Technical overview
This project explores the possibility of generating a Camomile vst.3 plugin with an included puredata distribution. Since Camomile 1.0.8-alpha, the [pd~] external is supported and enables the use of a pd application as a subprocess, and therefore the use of any externals becomes possible. In this project, we embed the puredata distribution in a subfolder. The paths to binaries folders for puredata application and scheduler must be specified as arguments of [pd~]. Since relative paths are not supported, we need to dynamically instantiate [pd~] with absolute paths hardcoded in arguments, obtained from [pdcontrol]. In order to achieve dynamic patching, we need message boxes. The trickery occurs with Windows (only in the camomile/libpd version), where backslashes (\) disappear when they are processed in messages boxes.